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speaking, training & consulting.

Conference Room


Past Speaking Topics

Upskilled and Unstuck

Renegotiating Failure

Mindset Over Process


Change Integration

The Emotionally Intelligent Experience

Equity and Access through Design

...and more


With my unique fusion of diverse experience, comforting authenticity, contagious enthusiasm, and uncanny ability to ground even the most complex concepts, I bring a radically honest approach that allows you to see yourself, your experiences, and others fully. All speaking engagements are fully customizable based on client need.



I take the exclusive speaking experience and bring it to you in an extended, interactive form to upskill professionals and students through the application of design thinking and strategic planning. At heart, I am a teacher and here we step into my classroom. All sessions, including train the trainer workshops, are fully customizable based on client need.

Past Workshop Topics

Strategic Mindset Training

Emergent Design Strategies for Success

Design Thinking for Professional Mobility

Innovation and Design for Success

Authentic Professional Performance

Highest and Best Use: Dynamic Team Building

(All speaking topics can be expanded to      interactive workshop format.)


Modern Conference Room


Along with a team of multi-disciplined strategic partners, we utilize a strategic design framework to provide learning and leadership development solutions in academia and industry.


Academic and Learning Solutions

Design Strategies

Learning Transformation

Student Engagement + Career Preparedness

Professional Development Solutions

Career Design + Development

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Employee Engagement and Fulfillment 

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