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Life's Too Short...

For the past almost year, life has been crazy. COVID-19 came with a vengeance and we still haven't quite made it to the other side of it. Actually in hindsight, there have been significant period of things being great and amazing, but for some reason the mind has a funny way of exacerbating those 'precious' moments that have been devastating.

I've found myself saying more often than not, "If it's not one thing, it's another." The minute I was getting over one situation, I was being tackled by another. I've lost more people, one way or another, than I care to, I've learned more difficult lessons, and it seems like I've been sent on this quest by the universe to learn more about myself, people, and life in general. I'm realizing now more than ever, the importance of appreciating what you do have versus harping on the things that you don't.

I told myself at the beginning of this year that this would be an amazing year and that it everything that was shaky would finally be the way it was supposed to and work out. Seems that life had something else in store because I definitely got one swift kick in the butt reminding me that I will forever learn and forever grow. Tackling life as the overly optimistic person that I am and realizing that my past required to be hard wired to almost expect things to not go right. I decided that my happiness is in my hands and regardless of the journey that I'm on, I will nurture and care for that part of me in the way that nurture and care for those who call me coach, professor, friend, partner, sister and more. So often, we subconsciously expecting things to not work out, almost in preparation to spare ourselves some kind of outrageous disappointment. By doing this, we make it nearly impossible for things to work out in my favor. So randomly at like 4AM last night, I woke up out of my sleep and couldn't make myself go back. During that hour that I couldn't sleep, I remembered how much I used to write and decided that I would make a point to make a daily reminder of how wonderful life really is regardless of the upsets in an open journal. I always find myself so thankful for that handful of people that I trust who are learning and growing with me, and for beautiful days, and for practicing selfFULLness - the balance between selfless and selfish, because both are important.

So, join me in my real life. Welcome the most authentic version of me. I'm revisiting a blog that I started long ago. I plan to take one situation out of my day that I'm grateful for. This doesn't mean that there won't be hi . Positivity and wonderfulness is all I have room for. Someone once said, "You can 'un' my happy but you can't 'un' my joy." Life is too short to not be completely ecstatic for the whole journey...I'm choosing love, peace, and joy. Peace and Blessings...


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